Born in 1980 in Rotterdam the Netherlands, Vincenzo D’Ippolito draws under his pen name Chenduz. He was raised on 80’s and 90’s toys, cartoons, video games and many other silly sticker cards just like the Garbage Pail Kids. He’s been a GPK fan since day one, when he purchased them as a kid known as “Sgorbions” in Italy.

Chenduz is an autodidact sketch artist/illustrator and began working for Topps™ in 2014 creating official sketch cards on Wacky Packages Old School Series 5, he later moved on Garbage Pail Kids and has worked on many GPK series since then. Whilst working for Topps™, he branched out to other brands including Star Wars, The Walking Dead and Stranger Things. Before long, his work was noticed by other companies and he was invited to work for Upper Deck on a few Marvel sets and for Cryptozoic Entertainment on DC Comics and Rick and Morty. Chenduz loves attending comic conventions and says it’s wonderful to meet all the amazing collectors as not only does he draw for collectors but is a huge collector himself.

As a professional artist he has attended several cons including The Philly Non-Sports Card Show (Pennsylvania), Gross Card Con (Las Vegas), Dutch Comic Con (Utrecht), Geekfest (Rotterdam) and a few others.